Topps – Star Wars Galaxy 7 (2011)


The Galaxy cards seem to be a never ending franchise now for Topps, and yet, they don't seem to grow old. The cards remain fan and collector favorites, with something new to be discovered almost with every card. It is not uncommon to find the art work from the Galaxy card series base cards presented on facebook or other sites as simply artwork. The base cards remain incredible in their variety and creativity. While some cards will not appeal to everyone, generally speaking, every person will find some cards that they love and enjoy. Card backs also continue to be interesting, with background information and artist information that simply isn't found anywhere else in the Star Wars community.

It has become difficult to keep up with all the cards produced by Topps as the years pass, but a huge thank you goes out to Jeff Brown for providing the checklist below.

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NumberCard Description
2Luke Skywalker
3Kylo Ren
5Captain Phasma
6Poe Dameron
7General Leia Organa
9First Order Stormtrooper
12Admiral Ackbar
14First Order Flametrooper
16General Hux
17Rose Tico
18Praetorian Guard
19Resistance Gunner Paige Tico
20C'ai Threnalli
21First Order Stormtrooper Executioner
23TIE Fighter Pilot
25Supreme Leader Snoke
26Kaydel Ko Connix
27 Fathier
28 Fathier Jockey
29 Vice Admiral Holdo
30 Alcida-Auka
31 General Ematt
32 BB-4
33 2BB-2
34 SE8 Waiter Droid
35 Neepers Panpick
36 Lovey
37 Snook Uccorfay
38 Armo Malou
39 Officer Nandan Roty
40 Wodibin
41 Thodobin
42 Trypto Buball
43 Vulptex
44 Bargwill Tomder
45 IT-S00.2 Medical Droid
46 Resistance Cruiser Bridge Guard
47 Commander D'Acy
48 Resistance Soldier
49 A-wing Pilot Tallie
50 Resistance Soldier
51 First Order Gunner
52 Captain Edrison Peavey
53 Captain Moden Canady
54 Lt. Jober Tavson
55 Captain Sibos Tammis
56 Colonel Ansiv Garmuth
57 TIE Silencer
58 Resistance Bomber
59 The Millennium Falcon
60 Resistance Ski Speeder
61 First Order Walker
62 First Order Star Destroyer
63 Kylo Ren's Shuttle
64 Resistance Transport Pod
65 Resistance Cruiser
66 First Order Heavy Assault Walker
67 Resistance X-wing
68 Resistance A-wing
69 First Order TIE Fighter
70 First Order Dreadnought
71 Poe Dameron's X-wing
72 Anodyne
73 Libertine
74 Rey on Ahch-To
75 Kylo Ren's Solitude
76 Under Ackbar's Command
77 The Nefarious Captain Phasma
78 The Police of Canto Bight
79 A Break in the Action
80 The Game of Zinbiddle
81 At the Casino
82 Snook at the Casino Tables
83 Along the Coast of Ahch-To
84 Interior Bridge of the Supremacy
85 The Terrain of Ahch-To
86 The Resistance Screen
87 Inside the Raddus
88 The Trenches of Crait
89 The Interior of the Raddus
90 Outside the Casino
91 The Surface of Crait
92 The Hallways of the Supremacy
93 Praetorian Defense
94 TIE Fighters in Flight
95 Finn on Crait
96 Chewie and a Porg on the Falcon
97 Rey on Ahch-To
98 The Casino on Canto Bight
99 The Caretakers
100 In the dark with Kylo Ren
Etched Foil Cards
1 of 6Nightsisters
Foil Art Cards (Silver/Copper/Gold)
1 of 15Anakin Skywalker
Animation Cels (Retail)
1 of 9Asajj Ventress
Various Sketch Cards / Printing Plates

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