Topps - US - Star Wars Vehicles (1997)


The Star Wars Vehicles set was originally planned as a follow up set for the Star Wars Finest (Characters) set. The high cost of an all chromium set however led to the decision by Topps to make this card set non-chromium. The card set has now been published in cooperation with Top Cow.

The card set features 72 cards, 1 title card, 1 checklist card (with a great Battle of Hoth scene), and three subsets; Battle Spec Cards, The Millennium Falcon, and Character Cards. Chase cards for the set include four Acetate Overlay cards (with a plastic overlay that lifts to reveal the insides of a ship), 2 spectacular 3D cards (which placed side by side create a single scene), and a redemption card which can be redeemed for an uncut oversized card that is the completed scene from the two 3D cards in this set. Although there are only a small number of chase cards for this set, all are very well done, and worth collecting.

Thanks to David Pipgras for the promo card information.

Card Values
·  set value: $20-25
·  unopened box: $80
·  single: $0.25
·  chase: $7-15

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Card NumberDescription
1Title Card
2Millennium Falcon
6Z-95 Headhunter
8V-Wing Air Speeder
9E-Wing Fighter
10Rebel Snowspeeder
11Rebel Blockade Runner
12Escape Pod
13Rebel Cruiser
14Rebel Transport
15Mon Cal Cruiser
16Nebulon Ranger
17T-16 Skyhopper
18Luke's Landspeeder
19Jawa Sandcrawler
20Sail Barge
21Lady Luck
22Twin-Pod Cloud Car
23Slave I
25Hound's Tooth
33Speeder Bike
34Chariot Lav
35TIE Fighter
36TIE Bomber
37TIE Interceptor
38TIE Advanced
39Lambda-Class Shuttle
40I-7 Howlrunner
41Interdictor Cruiser
42Lancer Frigate
43Imperial Star Destroyer
44Victory Star Destroyer
46Eclipse Star Destroyer
47Sun Crusher
48World Devastator
49Death Star
50Death Star II
51Battle of Yavin - Strategy
52Battle of Yavin - Warriors
53Battle of Yavin - Hardware
54Battle of Hoth - Strategy
55Battle of Hot - Warriors
56Battle of Hoth - Hardware
57Battle of Endor - Strategy
58Battle of Endor - Warriors
59Battle of Endor - Hardware
60Gun Port (Falcon subset)
61Smuggler's Hold (Falcon subset)
62Cockpit (Falcon subset)
63Hyperdrive (Falcon subset)
64Millennium Falcon (Han Solo)
65X-Wing (Luke)
66Executor (Darth Vader)
67Mon Cal Cruiser (Ackbar)
68Sail Barge (Jabba)
69Slave 1 (Boba Fett)
70Shuttle (Emperor Palpatine)
71Jawa Sandcrawler (Jawas)
Chase Cards
C2Slave I
C4Lambda Shuttle
01(3Di) Luke and Shuttle
02(3Di) Leia and Shuttle
Redemption CardSketch of Combined 3D Card
Redeemed Card (03)Oversized 3D Card

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