Scanlens - Australia - Star Wars Cards (1977)


Scanlens, under agreement with Topps, issued trading cards in Australia for the Star Wars movies. For the most part, it is difficult to distinguish Scanlens cards from their Topps counterparts, but there are some differences. While Topps did not place their company name on the Star Wars cards they produced (they said only 20th Century Fox), Scanlens did have their company name on the Australian cards. As an added difference, the Scanlens set was not a 66 card set, but a 72 card set, with 6 of the cards being the same as 6 of the stickers.

I would like to thank Steven Kent for his assistance with this page.

I hope to post a checklist in the future.

Card Values
·  set value: $35-40
·  unopened box: $85
·  single: $0.25 - 0.50

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Card NumberDescription
no numberMay the Force Be With You
no numberPrincess Leia
no numberHan Solo
no numberC-3P0
no numberDarth Vader
no numberChewbacca
no numberLuke Skywalker
no numberDarth Vader Lives

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